from x,
from xx,

i . boat piece
ii. x
iii.when you choose to stay
iv. and you choose to leave
vi. gift to xx
vii. tape piece
viii. x2
1. The Red Mackerel next to Target. video projection, salmon packaging.

2. adding all the words left with left feet
2a. Sept 12: 2. Left foot imprint, toothpaste and foil.
2b. Sept12: 26. Left foot imprint, toothpaste and foil.
2c. aug 8: 497. Left foot imprint, toothpaste and foil.
2d. aug 3: 858. voice recorder, 16:51min.

3a. sept 12 x sent me chewingstrawberrygum.mp4.
video in phone, 24sec.
3b. collapsable footpath bucket
3c. bamboo scaffolding floating shelter for chewingstrawberrygum. stackable metal tupperware, bubble gum, bamboo skewer, video still of chewing strawberrygum, footbath water from performance.
3d. boat. bubble gum foil wrap.

4.Title TBD depends on final phone call with x
footbath ritual to meet xx on Oct 7, 8 pm.

5.writing with my left hand
5a. rituals keep needing to readjust. ink, folded newsprint.
5b. can you different the heat of the water boiling/the feet soaking.
ink, folded newsprint.

fernroom in the garfield park conservatory Overlook house plant.